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Teach them the basics before they start memorizing.

The quran is the most read and recited book in the world. It’s also one of the most studied books for Muslims, who are required to memorize a few chapters in order to be considered literate. However, before they can start memorizing, it’s important that children learn how to recite Arabic letters correctly and familiarize themselves with basic phrases from the Quran.  I’ll teach you what your child needs to know before they start memorizing!

Teaching children about the basics of Islam is just as important as teaching them how to recite the Quran. The more they know, and understand, about their religion before they start memorizing the Quran will make it easier for them to grasp what’s going on while learning and memorizing.

Show them how to pronounce each letter

The word ‘Quran’ is the Arabic word for ‘recital’. The Quran is a book of guidance from Allah to all Muslims. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century and contains verses about topics such as family, food, heaven, hell, prayer and many more. One of the most important aspects of reading this book is being able to pronounce it correctly so that you can understand what you are reading.

In Islam, the Quran is revered as a holy text. It contains verses that are believed to be revelations from Allah. The Arabic alphabet is also said to have been revealed by God. Therefore, it’s important for Muslims to know how each letter should sound so they can read and recite the Quran themselves and teach others how letters should be pronounced.

Be creative in teaching Quran to your kids

We are living in a world where the Quran is being attacked from every angle. It’s even been banned in some countries. How do you protect your kids when they’re growing up? Teaching them to read and recite Quranic verses at an early age will help them build a strong foundation of faith that can’t be shaken by any worldly pressures or doubts. As parents, we have our responsibility to give them this gift and make sure they know Allah (SWT) loves them unconditionally as much as he does their parents for teaching him/her these valuable lessons.

The beauty of the Quran is that it has so many levels of meaning- the literal, spiritual, moral, social etc. When reciting it with children one must always try

The Quran is the ultimate book for muslims. It contains guidance for all aspects of life and a deep understanding of our religion. The best way to teach your kids about the Quranic values is by reading it with them, teaching them how to read it themselves and answering their questions about what they are learning.