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There are several Islamic courses offered by the learn Quran online.

learn online quran

Quran Tajweed

Tajweed is the most important step to teach before moving to the learning phase of the Quran. In tajweed, you will learn how to pronounce the letters in the Quran correctly. You will know how to take out the right sound from your mouth.
Do you know that tajweed means to make it better? Therefore, you will be learning how to read the Quran with a basic understanding. In the course, you will have certain rules of tajweed to follow according to Islam’s right perspective. Moreover, the students will be given assignments, so they can properly learn the tajweed at minimal possible timing.

Islamic History

The course of Islamic history will include various stories from the beginning of Islam. You will know different interesting stories of holy prophet Adam P.B.U.H.
Moreover, you will know the other Holy Prophets who served Islam and spread it worldwide with their companions. The history will also include lessons based on equality, justice, and faith for everyone.

Quran Memorization

The memorization of the Quran will be taught to the learners by qualified university teachers. You will be learning the meaning of all Quran verses in the easiest way. Furthermore, the tutors will tell you how to memorize the Quran in the best ways.
You will have knowledge about the meaning of verses in the Quran. Our scholars will help you to memorize the Quran in the shortest time with precision.

learn quran online
learn quran online

My Beautiful Language

You can learn the beautiful language Arabic in the easiest possible way. In fact, you will have 4 levels of learning the Arabic language and in the depth learning phase in the 14 stages. Furthermore, you can recognize the letters of Arabic easily after knowing the basics of Arabic. The scholars will also teach you how to recognize the alphabet or Arabic and enhance the knowledge in Arabic.

Arabic Language Grammar

You will be easy learning the Arabic language grammar course after choosing our site. We have designed the Arabic language courses in the simplest ways so the kids can learn them effortlessly. However, if you feel difficulty reading the Quran in Arabic, you can choose the English language.
In the English language translation, you can read the Quran easily. As well, it is best if you recite the Quran in its original language. You will find the holy book filled with the names of ALLAH., and it will soothe the hearts when you are reading it in the original language, which is Arabic.
However, you have to take the course of tajweed first if you don’t know how to pronounce the Arabic letters. Once you are familiar with the Arabic language letters, you can move onto the memorizing Quran course.

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Aqidah Essentials

In the course of aqidah essentials, you will know the principles of Islam. For instance, the content will be the following:
• Tauheed – there is only one God and belief in Allah.
• Angels – Who are implementing the orders of Allah.
• Holy books of God – Quran, Tawrat, zabur, and Injil.
• The messengers and prophets of Allah and belief in them.
• The Day of judgment
• Belief in the power of God.

What You Will Learn From The Aqidah Course?

The aim of choosing this course will be to learn the following aspects:
• Belief in God, Angels, Prophets, Predestination, Holy Books, and Resurrection.
• You will know the forms of shirk.
• Tauheed Islam

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Fiqh Essentials

Are you finding the fiqh essentials courses? Then we are going to provide an in-depth look at the issues that Muslims faced in their lives years ago. In this course, you will know how the prophets spread Islam and their struggles in their lives. Moreover, you will have the concept of that era when the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) was interpreting the hadiths.
Moreover, you will learn how did the messengers interpret the sayings of God. However, the first phase includes the recording of the prophets and their documentation. In this course, our tutors will teach you the simplest entails of Islamic decoding with the source of references. Also, you will get more knowledge about the embrace of faith and how the messengers brought it among various people.

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What Else?

You will have knowledge of the four primary sources of fiqh.
1. The Quran
2. Quotes and hadiths of the prophets
3. Scholarly consensus and al-ijmaa
4. Qiyas and the other issues of al-ijmaa
In the fiqh of Islam, there are different schools. However, the schools share many similar rulings with slight differences. There are changes in the hadiths and some of the Quran verses. Also, the implementation of qiyas varies from among the fiqh.
Our scholars are going to teach you about the fiqh of Islam in detail. Basically, there are four schools of Islam: Maliki, Hanafi, Shafi, and Hanbali.
Below are the fiqh necessities that all Muslims must know:
1. Purification of body
2. Cleansing of the body by doing wudu, tayammum, and ghusi.
3. Supplication as well as prayer
4. Giving of alms and zakah
5. Fasting
6. Umrah, hajj, and pilgrimages of mecca.